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How to tame a parrot

How to tame a parrot

How to tame a parrot

Our topic is how to tame a parrot to speak and hand tamed we have this African Grey Parrot & Amazon Parrot both are around 6 months old & scarred, just came to me both birds were kept in a cage mostly So we try to cover ' how to train them to sit on the hand' and how to train a parrot of this age to speak OK. It took me an effort to take them out of the cage. They are scared at this moment. Both are not hand tamed at the moment, so as you can see how I'm holding his claw so you need to hold them persuasively in the beginning for some time and try to relax them. 

Both parrots need to relax for better hand taming so in the beginning, you need to hold them persuasively in your hand and this for some time so both will be better hand tamed. First of all the essential two or three things you need to remember before teaching your parrot. First, you need to try to train a very young parrot as this bird his age is hardly four to five months and the bird in this age will learn to speak fast as compared to an older bird. Old aged bird can learn also but need some hard work but if you try with a smaller bird to train, then bird can speak words better. You need to create a relation with your parrot before teaching anything mean they know who is the owner if you feed them regularly then they make better bounding with you. 

It's my personal experience the parrots specifically 

How to tame a parrot

 we are talking about two type of parrots which are commonly kept as pet in any country One is 'African Grey Parrot' and second is this 'Amazon Parrot' and both of these birds are best in mimicking words means what every you speak in front they can repeat it. 'Amazon Parrot' like this parrot its vocabulary is more mean it can learn fifteen to twenty words it can repeat some words I've seen some 'Amazon Parrot' in rear cases can repeat big sentences like "where are you going" "give me the water" "are you hungry" these kind of words and the other ‘African Grey parrot' its vocabulary is five to seven or maximum ten words to learn words. So both of these parrots can learn it depend, not all birds can learn to speak. People's complain the we are teaching but bird is not learning not all the parrots can learn to speak. Some parrots; whatever you teach will never learn but you will get the idea very fast as I'm start training this bird so i guess, if I train him for one month then at-least he can start talking with one word one thing is also very important. Which you must remember is that, or according to my experience these parrots Amazon Parrot or 'African Grey Parrot' both of them can learn better from ladies and kids if you have kids and ladies at home so I have seen they pick words better from them and the words which are regularly repeated in your house they pick it well. For example if everybody in the house take some kids name loudly so they can pick it fast or maybe your door bell rang and someone from inside says"who is it" so they can pick that well. Whenever your door bell rang you bird will say "Who is it" so what I'm trying to say it that the words they listen on the regular bases they learn to repeat well. If you are planning to teach a particular word then you need make a list of words to teach and my suggestion is to teach one word at a time don't try to teach three four words at a time. 

The best method to teach is like the way I'm holding him and like for example the word I'm teaching Parrot name “Rio"  [whistling] "Rio my Son" [whistling] "Rio"  "Rio my Son" and praising him like this, try to feel him relaxed snap in front of him. "Rio my son" Rio" Whistle in front of him and speak that word keep his attention towards you. While you speak so when he will be attentive he can pick the word well very important this is this you must keep him relax all the time and teach with affection if you teach with affection then he will learn fast as what I'm doing now "Rio" [whistling] "Rio my son". This is the method, so one word "Rio" or "Rio my Son" whatever you are teaching keep repeating the same word for next fifteen to twenty days. You need to be patient once he will start saying that word then he will not forget that for example 'African Grey Parrot". What I've heard is that it can live up till forty years so he will not forget that word if learn in this age so you try to one word at a time teaches your parrot and hold him in your hand. 

One more tip I remember according to my personal experience when you teaching your parrot like this feed him with green chilli the thin one the bitter one. According to my experience whenever I feed green chili then it learn better and talk better so give green chili. They loved it now it's not if they liked it so you keep feeding green chili all the time give it in small quantity give one or two or maybe three in a day. Don’t give more then this their regular diet is always better for them or whatever they love to eat. My experience was green chili wile teaching and them teach him like this "Rio my SON" "Rio". You keep him attentive towards you so when he is attentive and the words coming out of your mouth and face to face, speak very close to him. Now if the bird is wild it can bite on your mouth or nose keep the reasonable distance so he can't bite you on hold him with his claws like this if he is not proper tamed. If you keep him like this for two to three time a day so after some time he become tamed automatically. Feed him whatever he likes so he will become friendly with you you need to struggle in the beginning to hold him in your hand. Once you are set with it then you will not face much problem later once you forward your hand he will sit on it as he is now sitting on my hand. Before he was giving me tough time to hold him it took me a wile to take him out of his cage. But now since I'm holding him for a wile now he is relaxed and now he is not trying to bite me. Now whatever words you are planning to teach you need to note down and teach one by one. You need to patient if you teach him patiently he will start learning or mimicking your words very fast

 'Amazon Parrot' speaks twenty or thirty words and keep on saying the same. 

How to tame a parrot

They forget their original voice they only then speak what we teach them. Also, you need to take care of their diet whenever you are teaching give them green chili keep feeding regular diet - the seeds mix feed besides this also feed them seasonal vegetables/fruits they love apple nowadays 'Bottle Gourd' or 'Calabash' is in season. They love it 'Fresh Corns' Corn the soft one they love to eat it so if you feed them these delicious food to eat and you teach them with love wile holding them so they will definitely learn to speak.

 Another technique which I've not used personally so far I usually teach face to face the words we speak at home or speak by myself but I've seen some 'YouTubers' in other countries they record their voice in a tape recorder and play it in a loop and keep the bird in some isolated place and play the tape and the bird keep listing. For example, if you need to teach 'Hello' so need to record the voice in tape recorder 'Hello' and two, three or four seconds gap give up till five second gap for better result then repeat 'Hello' likewise you need to repeat the words every five second gap and play in a loop.

 If you don't have time you can use it like in your mobile phone and play it in loop and play in front of him on a speaker and try this out if this can help him. Learn or no so this is another thing you can use to teach your parrot. Teach them the kind of words which sound pleasant Like "Hello"  "WELCOME""HOW ARE YOU" these kind of words sounds pleasant and they learns these fast as well so. I hope I cove a lot in this article you learn something new I do it coz many viewers were asking me the same question that you write an article on this that how to train parrot to speak this parrot came to me for hand taming.

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