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Cockatiel parakeet is one of the most well know Australian parakeet

Cockatiel parakeet is one of the most well know Australian parakeet

Cockatiel parakeet

There's a motivation behind why the cockatiel is one of the most well-known buddy fowls — this slim Australian parakeet can be both cuddly and strong. Cockatiels can likewise be interested and, now and again, feisty. With a cockatiel in the house, you are probably going to hear a collection of peeps and whistles.

Cuddly, friendly and diverting are only three reasons why the cockatiel is the No. 1 pet winged animal in America. Cockatiels are additionally capable whistlers, and male cockatiels specifically are known for their whistle serenades, which can be aimed at their favored individual, their preferred article or their mirror reflection. At the point when not whistling or keeping themselves occupied with searching for nourishment and fun around the pen, cockatiels frequently appreciate spending their vacation cuddling on their favored individual's shoulder. A sound, well-mingled cockatiel can make an incredible family pet and is additionally perfect for condo living.

Local Region/Natural Habitat

Cockatiels are local to the semi-parched areas of Australia. This open condition may be a motivation behind why cockatiels don't have the ear-penetrating shriek of parrots beginning from thick downpour woods natural surroundings. Wild cockatiels fly to the ground to search for nourishment. Cockatiels promptly breed in the wild, and they are additionally simple to breed in imprisonment, which makes them broadly accessible as pets at a lower cost than most other parrot species. Wild cockatiels are consistently on alarm for predators and are light sleepers. A pet cockatiel may have an incidental night-alarm scene, where it flails uncontrollably the enclosure during the evening as though surprised. You can enable your cockatiel to discover its way back to its roost by leaving a night light on in its room.

Cockatiel care

Let's look at the four most important things you can, easily, do to take good cockatiel care.
1) A Healthy Diet

Just like people, a cockatiel needs a balanced diet to remain healthy. Whatever species you are, the consequences of a bad diet can be disastrous, leading to serious health problems and premature death.

For your feathered friend, a healthy diet means a good base of either seeds or pellets, and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are essential to make sure your cockatiel gets all the vitamins and minerals it needs.

If you feed your cockatiel an all seed diet, chances are they won't live more than six or seven years because many of the nutrients are lost during storage. I know all the birdseed mixes say they've got added vitamins, but that just means they sprayed vitamin solution on the outside of the seeds (the part your cockatiel peels off, and throws away.)

So, if you want your cockatiel to be healthy, make sure they eat their vegetables.

2) Keep Them Entertained

Nobody's happy to sit around on their own all day, doing nothing, and your cockatiel's no different. Without daily stimulation, your cockatiel will quickly become depressed and bored. Apart from being a miserable existence, depression often leads to other, more serious illnesses.

Keeping your cockatiel stimulated means more than just providing a couple of toys. Cockatiels are sociable animals, which crave interaction with flock mates (that's you.) So, you need to play with your bird for at least a few minutes each day, and maybe scratch their head, if that's what they're after.

3) Keep their Home Clean

Everybody knows the importance of good hygiene these days, to keep germs at bay and prevent illness. And it's especially important to regularly clean your cockatiel's cage since they use the floor as their toilet. A good scrub, once a week, with warm, soapy water will do nicely.

It's also best to take a couple of minutes each day to wash the food and water dishes before you replace their food. It's the same principle as washing your own dishes before you use them again. Eating off the same plate for a week would soon lead to a huge build-up of bacteria - and a trip to the doctor soon after.

4) Plan for Medical Bills

Illness and accidents happen; it's a part of life. An emergency trip to the veterinarian can be expensive, and a specialist bird vet will often cost a little more. Unless a few hundred dollars in spare change to you, it's a good idea to put some money aside regularly, so you'll be prepared for the bills when they come. It's a sad thing to see a pet owner who can't afford the treatment that will save their feathered friend's life.

Cockatiel care

Cockatiel diet

It's no secret these days that having a healthy cockatiel diet will keep you in top condition and probably make your life longer and happier. Obviously, the same applies to your birds, and you may wonder what the healthiest diet for a cockatiel is.

Seeds or Pellets

While pet birds used to be fed mostly seed, today we have an alternative in pellets. These pellets are specially formulated to mimic the nutritional balance of a wild cockatiel diet, which is why so many experts are so passionate about them. You can buy them from most pet stores, and they're not overly expensive.

Pellets might be the better option, but the truth is that a cockatiel can live a long and healthy life on a seed-based diet, as long as they're getting the fruits and vegetables they need as well.

And, even though pellets are designed to have all the nutrients your cockatiel would naturally get, they still need fresh fruit and vegetables in their diet. A multivitamin tablet is supposed to contain all the vitamins and minerals we need, but I've yet to meet a doctor who would recommend taking them instead of eating vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables

Aside from adding some interesting variety to your cockatiel diet, fruits and vegetables have the same benefits for them that they do for us. They're full of essential nutrients, which the body needs to stay in peak condition. An all-seed diet will lead to vitamin deficiencies, which can cause painful and deadly diseases.

Many cockatiel owners struggle to get their feathered friends to eat their vegetables. At least with a child, you can tell them they're not getting down from the table until they've cleared their plate. Try doing that with a cockatiel.

But it's worth a little ongoing effort and patience on your part, because once your cockatiel starts eating their greens, you're able to make sure they have a healthy diet for their whole life - and cockatiels can live for a long time.

The general rule with veggies is the darker the color the more nutritious it is. The deep green of broccoli means that it's packed full of goodness, whereas the light green of lettuce means that it's mostly water.


We might be used to thinking of food treats as unhealthy options, but that isn't necessarily true for your cockatiel. Cockatiels often go crazy for some of their healthiest food options.

A great example is seeding grasses, while they're still green and ripening. These grass seeds are part of their natural diet, and cockatiels love them - it's difficult to describe the frenzy to get at them when you bring them into your home. What's better is that seeds are much more nutritious and less fatty, while they're still ripening.

Obviously, you don't have a fresh supply of seeding grasses all year round, but another good option is millet sprays. You know the kind, you can buy them in any pet store as a bird treat. You might not realize that they're actually healthier for your bird than their seed mix is.

Food Hygiene

It's no use serving healthy food on a filthy plate, and it can be easy to overlook that's what you're doing with your cockatiel. Food and water dishes need to be washed daily with warm, soapy water, just like you'd wash your own dishes after each use.

Also, fruits and vegetables need to be removed after only 4-8 hours of being introduced, depending on the climate where you are. You see, once they start to spoil, your cockatiel will get sick if they eat them.

A cockatiel needs an enclosure room enough to suit different roosts, toys, nourishment bowls and have a lot of space to fold its wings without hitting them against anything. A confine with an enormous entryway front is perfect since it makes it simpler to restore a cockatiel to its enclosure, particularly since cockatiels can be offbeat winged creatures. Cockatiels are regular ground foragers and will search on the base of the confine whenever given the chance; spread the pen floor with paper and sprinkle disintegrated treats or millet sprinkle seed for your cockatiel to discover. Cockatiels are social winged animals and flourish when offered chances to associate with you, regardless of whether it is tenderly petting their cheek plumes, being conversed with or just being in a similar room as you.

A solid cockatiel diet incorporates monetarily adjusted weight control plans, for example, Lefeber Premium Daily cockatiel diet Pellets, just as other sustenance, crisp vegetables, and some seed. A well-thought about cockatiel can live for over 20 years.

Cockatiel behavior

The situation of a cockatiel's peak quills can reveal to you its temperament. Straight-up peak quills can mean the winged creature is surprised or exceptionally inquisitive. A cautious cockatiel will hold its peak quills leveled close its head, and it may be particularly focused in the event that it additionally murmurs. A casual cockatiel will have marginally kept down peak quills, just as cushioned cheek plumes and you may likewise hear it cheerily crushing its snout.

Toys intended to be decimated by little bills are ideal for cockatiels and incorporate bits of paper, cardboard of delicate wood or non-harmful rawhide to bite up. Cockatiels additionally like plays with hard-plastic components, for example, dabs to tinker with. Male cockatiels regularly search out mirrors and other intelligent things to whistle to. A cockatiel may be slanted to fly down from its enclosure or playgym onto the floor, so be additional mindful at whatever point your feathered creature is out of the confine so you don't venture on it and that different pets, for example, felines or pooches, can't get to it. A female cockatiel may search out a dim, encased region to settle in, such the edge of a bureau or behind furnishings (regardless of whether there is no male cockatiel present), so keep these territories forbidden. Cockatiels can be educated to whistle back to you on sign however, for the most part, aren't known for their prepared stunts.

Discourse and Sound

Cockatiels are more disposed to whistle than talk. Male cockatiels are bound to talk than females, and some can figure out how to express a couple of words or expressions. Cockatiels will in general trill as opposed to shriek, and their moderately lower commotion volume makes them a decent condo pet. Your cockatiel may peep a contact call in the event that you leave the room trying to stay in touch with you.

Wellbeing and Common Conditions

It is typical for a cockatiel to sniffle a couple of times each day to get out residue or dander from its nares, which may be joined by an unmistakable release. In the event that the sniffling is relentless and additionally the release is certifiably not an unmistakable shading, contact your avian veterinarian. Cockatiels are brilliant fliers and need more regular wing cutting than other parrot species since they are fit for flying not long in the wake of having their quills cut. Cockatiels (shed old plumes and start becoming new ones) a few times each year.

A principle wellbeing worry for female cockatiels is interminable egg-laying, which can exhaust her collection of imperative minerals and calcium, just as egg official, in which the hen can't pass an egg. (A hen does not require a male cockatiel present so as to create an egg; it will simply be a barren egg.) Female cockatiels, along these lines, regularly need extra-calcium in their eating regimen, for example, a calcium-braced base eating regimen or an enhancement like cuttlebone. Since cockatiels are frequently nourished a for the most part seed diet, many experience the ill effects of hunger and nutrient and mineral lacks. An all-seed diet is additionally high in fat, which can prompt greasy liver infection. A solid, low-fat eating regimen with the correct equalization of nutrient, minerals and amino acids can go far in anticipating infection in your cockatiel. The Lafeber Company offers numerous eating regimens, including, Premium Daily Diet Pellets and Classic Nutri-Berries that are uniquely planned to meet your cockatiel's dietary needs.

Cockatiel behavior

Pet cockatiel

Pet cockatiel is accessible in enormous pet stores, avian-explicit retail locations, direct from a winged animal reproducer or through a feathered creature salvage/reception association. On the off chance that you are embracing a pet winged animal from a feathered creature salvage or appropriation association or individual proprietors, get an intensive once-over of the fledgling's history: Why is the flying creature being surrendered for selection? Does the winged animal have any social issues or fears? How does the winged creature want to interface; does it appreciate being petted? What kind of nourishment does the feathered creature eat; does it have most loved treats? Has the fowl been to a veterinarian? In the event that you are purchasing a youthful winged animal, ensure it is completely feathered and completely weaned (shouldn't be syringe sustained or parent bolstered). Indications of a solid fledgling include sharpness, perfect and lively plumes, brilliant eyes and nares that are spotless and free of runny release. Inquire as to whether the pet store or raiser has wellbeing ensure or potentially incorporates a free visit to a veterinarian for a wellbeing checkup.

Cockatiels are in their very own class (Nymphicus hollandicus) and are identified with cockatoos. The ordinary dark cockatiel has a similar hue as cockatiels in the wild, and guys are effectively discernable from females in that they have a more extravagant shading dim and brilliant orange cheek plumes, while the female's feathering is increasingly quieted, and she additionally has a notwithstanding on her undertail quills. Pet cockatiels arrive in an assortment of shading changes and cross transformations, including the lutino (yellow), pearl and the pied transformations, just as whiteface and pale-skinned person assortments. In shading changes, it probably won't be conceivable to outwardly recognize guys from females.

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